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Our reliable and secure recruitment process ensures the quality of the entire process. Unlike other companies, we believe that our job does not stop at finding a good candidate for you.A personality test is frequently used by the business and a very accurate one can be found further down on the page.

So what makes us different from other companies? 

It is challenging enough to try to know who you are recruiting and is “behind the CV”. As a recruiting manager, how should you also ensure that your candidate has no vulnerability that will be used against your company? 

New times require new methods!

We at eData Solutions AB are specialists in detecting such vulnerabilities! Our specialists are experts in security screening interviews and background checks. We have worked with security at various levels in the early 2000s with both authorities and private companies.

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Personality tests

A personality test is frequently used in the recruitment process, to find out how your potential co-worker interacts with others and what makes him/her tick. 

What is a personality?

A characteristic pattern of thoughts, feelings and unique behaviours. One can also assume that personality is something that defines us as people through life. When we work with people, it is therefore interesting to know how the person reasons in different situations and if their philosophy rhymes well with the corporate culture. A personality test can be an important piece of the puzzle in an overall picture of the candidate.

The test is based on the Five Factor Model, which is the most influential personality theory, developed by team of psychologists and researchers including Paul Costa and Robert McCrae. The model is based on hypothetical questions and answers that place the test person on a scale with two extremes in five different personality dimensions. Together, the answers form the basis of a personality.

The test measures the following five dimensions and opposites:

Neurotic trait – Emotionally stability: Emotional stability, tendency for anxiety and stress sensitivity

Extrovert trait – Introvert trait: Level of extroversion/introversion and closeness with an interest in the theoretical and abstract

Openness to new experiences – Disinterest: How interested the person is in new ideas, activities and values versus conservative, conventional thinking

Kindness / warmth – Rejection / unpleasantness: Shows a person’s helpfulness, willingness to cooperate and compassion for others

Conscientiousness – Easiness: How thorough, goal-oriented, disciplined and orderly the person is and prone to negligence

This test is delivered by Contus Assessments AB and can be found below